Alk Energy Shot (Piña Colada)

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Brand: Krābot
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Krabot's Alk Energy Kratom Shot

Energy Kratom Shot with active alkaloids and a host of other vitamins. Each shot is a single serving and contains 35mg of Nano-Kratom Alkaloids, 125MG of Caffeine, 500MG of Taurine, 3.5MG of B6 Methylcobalamin, 4MCG of B12, and 4MG of Niacin. This gives our shot a unique profile which provides sustained energy without the crash or jitters associated with a traditional energy shots or drinks.

  • 30ML Serving
  • Great Piña Colada taste
  • Nano Kratom which increases bioavailability 10X
  • Great value

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa Leaf extract, citric acid, and water.