Crushed leaf tea available in every vein color. Not to be confused with powdered Kratom, this is a more traditional grind also referred to as loose leaf.

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    Kratom tea is one of the most convenient ways to incorporate kratom into one’s lifestyle. Not to be confused with kratom powder, kratom tea is ‘crushed’ in order to be brewed no different than a cup of tea. Kratom tea can either be enjoyed in its natural flavor or with lemon, sugar, honey and any of the standard flavorings added to tea. Those who already drink tea can either mix in crushed kratom leaf, or replace it completely for a 100% kratom tea experience.

    People who find the side effects of caffeine to be unpleasant often turn to kratom instead as a welcomed alternative. Kratom is reported to have focused, alert effects without feelings of jitteriness and anxiety. It is often used for those with body and joint aches, migraines and other discomfort. Or some simply drink kratom tea as a start to a great morning.

    Krābot’s kratom tea is organic and sourced naturally from the jungles of Southeast Asia. It contains no chemicals, pesticides or additives. Krābot kratom tea is packaged in the United States and shipped directly to your door.