Gelatin capsules 1,000mg (1 gram) strength each (industry first). Capsules are UV protected in size 000 (large). We use quick dissolving gelatin capsules and package each bottle with a DryPack® to fight moisture and mold while preserving freshness. Each bottle is topped off with a child proof cap. You won't find a finer capsule on the market, we guarantee it.

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    Krābot’s premium kratom capsules offer an alternative to powdered and other forms of kratom. Kratom capsules are small, discreet and tasteless. Kratom capsules pack well in a purse or pocket when out for the day or evening as kratom is often used in social environments for mood and energy, or social anxiety. Or capsules are used simply to avoid the taste of the kratom plant itself.

    These quick-dissolving gelatin capsules are 1,000mg (1g), come in a child-proof bottle with a DryPack which preserves freshness while fighting mold and moisture. This ensures a fresh product delivered to you every time, with a continued storage capability after it’s delivered to your door. Krābot kratom capsules have no fillers, additives or binders. Our bottles, and capsules are made with UV blocking materials to ensure freshness and potency. Each batch is heat treated (pasteurized) to eliminate microbials. Before shipping to our customers, each batch is tested for consistency, heavy metals, purity and alkaloid content.

    Krābot’s kratom is sourced directly from the jungles of Southeast Asia, packaged in the United States and shipped directly to your door.