Payment Type: Zelle

Speed: Instant

When choosing Zelle during checkout, you need to manually login to your online banking portal and choose the "Zelle" from the menus.  At this time, 99% of banks in the US support Zelle, and have the feature to allow payments to us. 

Zelle Payment Information:

Name: Robert Murray

Email Address:

Send the amount shown in your confirmation email. Leave NO order notes, we have ways of matching the payment with order.

Payment Type: Cryptocurrency (

Speed: 2-4 Hrs.

When choosing Cryptocurrency during checkout, you will automatically be directed through Cryptocurrency checkout once clicking the link at top of page. It will generate an address and amount for you to send your Cryptocurrency to.

Crypto Payment Information: We accept Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and Ethereum (ETH), and DogeCoin.

We have a guide to help you navigate Cryptocurrency.


Cash App  for iPhone & Android can also be used to easily buy Bitcoin.

PayPal, CashApp, and Venmo is another place to buy Bitcoin.

Payment Type: eCheck

Speed: 2-4 Days to Clear - Do not use if order is over $250!

When choosing eCheck during checkout, you will need to visit this link to manually fill out the eCheck and submit it.  We do NOT accept echecks if you bank with the following banks.

  • Green Dot Bank
  • GoBank a Div. of Green Dot Bank
  • Bonneville Bank
  • The Bancorp Bank

eCheck Payment Information: Link

Make sure everything on the eCheck is accurate including name, address, and account numbers. To avoid delay, make sure names match account exactly. Fill in the amount $$$ as shown on your confirmation email. 

Payment Type: Personal Check or Money Order

Speed: 2-3 Days, depends on mail

When choosing Money Order during checkout, you will need to print out your order confirmation and mail it with your personal check or Money order to the address shown below.

Money Order Payment Information:

Using USPS:

Krabot LLC


Chino Hills CA  91709