Krabot and Crypto: A (Relatively) Simple Guide

(ETH) Ethereum is our preferred Crypto.

To start, you must have a crypto wallet (to store your crypto) and an exchange (to buy/sell/send crypto). is both of these and is relatively easy to set up and use, and is what we will be using in this guide. If you prefer to use the Cash App to buy Crypto, many think it's a much simpler approach, then use this guide.

  1. Make an account on
  2. Add a debit or credit card to your coinbase account. (found under settings>Linked Accounts) You may have to verify your identity in order to add one of these payment options, so follow the steps to do that. Credit/Debit cards are the ONLY way to get the crypto you buy INSTANTLY added to your coinbase wallet. If you use your bank account and routing number, it will usually take over a week to process.
  3. Order your kratom from krabot and go to the check-out page, then hit complete order. You will be presented with a page similar to the image below. The buttons on the top are the cryptos you can choose to pay with. Coinbase has BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), and LTC (Litecoin) available to purchase. XMR (Monero) is not listed on coinbase, so we won’t be using it in this guide. 
  4. Go to the buy/sell page on coinbase. 
  5. On the ETH (right) side of the amount, copy/paste the amount from the GloBee screen, you will want to add a bit extra on the top for fees. So if your total is 0.052780 ETH, the amount you want to buy is roughly .06. It’s probably a good idea to round the second decimal point up to the next highest number, or a better idea would be to add ~$5 on to the USD side to cover the fees of sending crypto, otherwise you will have to buy more if your balance is not sufficient to send the crypto to Krabot.
  6. Hit the buy button and you will receive confirmation and instantly the funds will be in your ETH wallet. Click on the Accounts tab at the top of coinbase.
  7. Click on your ETH wallet, and hit the “Send” button. 
  8. Copy/Paste the address from the GloBee transaction page in to the recipient field on coinbase. The address on GloBee will look like this: 
  9. Copy/Paste the ETH amount from the GloBee transaction page in to the amount field on coinbase, on the ETH side.
  10. In the Note field on coinbase, you can copy/paste the payment reference from the GloBee page, but it is not necessary.
  11. Go back to the GloBee transaction page, and wait for roughly 1-3 minutes while the blockchain processes the transaction.
  12. Once the payment has been processed you will get a confirmation on the GloBee page and it will say it is complete. After that it will redirect you back to the krabot page with your order summary.
  13. Congratulations, you have just paid for kratom using crypto!


Things to remember:

  • BCH (Bitcoin Cash) is not accepted by GloBee/krabot, so don’t use that. At the time of writing, LTC (Litecoin) is not able to be sent through Coinbase, and BTC (Bitcoin) has higher fees to send than ETH (Ethereum) does. It is strongly recommended to use ETH (Ethereum) due to lower transaction fees and Coinbase limitations.
  • If you don’t purchase enough ETH (Ethereum) the first time buying it, you will have to buy more and that will cost you slightly more due to fees.
  • DO NOT navigate off of the globee transaction page for any reason, once your payment has been processed, it will send you back to krabot where you can see your order summary.