Krabot and Crypto: A Simple Guide using the Cash App

(BTC) Bitcoin is our preferred Crypto when using the Cash App.

To start, you must have the Cash App installed on your mobile device, see links below.  It's important to note that the Cash App is run by Square Inc, the leading mobile payment provider in the USA and is 100% safe, and secure. 

iPhone Cash App: Link

Android Cash App: Link

    1. If you have already installed the app then skip to step 2. If not, follow along. After you install the app, open it.  Enter your phone number and confirm it.  Once confirmed enter your debit card.  Proceed to enter your name and create a $Cashtag (e.g. $example). You are now ready to purchase Bitcoin!
    2. Open the Cash App and click near the top where it says (Cash & BTC).  Then click in the upper right (BTC), then hit "Buy". You can purchase any amount.  We suggest you purchase a couple dollars more than what is needed to complete your purchase. Since the price of (BTC) Bitcoin fluctuates so often its easier to spend a few dollars more up front, this will save you having to go back and purchase additional BTC to complete an order.
    3. Proceed to buy BTC (Bitcoin), and have it automatically sent to your Cash App.
    4. Once you have purchased your BTC (Bitcoin) select it in your "Funds".
    5. When withdrawing, slightly round up. Example: If invoice states 0.007165 then send 0.0072.  This is optional but can expedite an order that might otherwise be held up for underpayment.
    6. After inputting the invoice total and hitting withdraw, your camera should activate so that you can take a picture of the Barcode on your order page.


Things to remember:

  • If you don’t purchase enough BTC (Bitcoin) the first time buying it, you will have to buy more and that will cost you slightly more due to fees. It's always a best practice to get a couple dollars more than what is needed.
  • DO NOT navigate off of the globee transaction page for any reason, once your payment has been processed, it will send you back to krabot where you can see your order summary.