Customer Reviews


Great product
"Never a bad experience with this company A+++++"
ryanquick00 ..
Worth the buy.
"Akaloid content is really high, and while maybe not as classical as pure green bali, it is still a one-stop cop to fulfill many different strokes for many different folks. Ultimately, I like it."
Mike K.
Quality matched by service
"Our relationship began in the negative due to some errors made by the postal service on my end. I was stuck, in a bad place out of options... I communicated the issue to Krabot service team and they made a decision to rectify the problem before I even requested it. When I finally actually received my split Kilo I was anxious and ready to try these guys out...will they live up to the hype??? #Boom... the product is excellent. A clean, fine powder that mixes very well with water or OJ... My review: High quality service, package, product and effects! I will be ordering from Krabot again in the future. Thank you guys "
Nicholas A.
This blend is great
"I really enjoy this blend for everyday use. It hits all the markers and definitely seems stronger than the individual strains at the same doses."
Evan G.
Great morning booster
"Perfect I have been taking adhd medications for years and this strain has helped me get off my medications easily and safely"
Dennis D.
Very good!
"When I first placed my order there was a card issue, not on my end. Krabot was switching vendors and the response was very fast when I asked how long it may take to place an order. I'm talking minutes. plus I received my order early which was awesome! These folks are so nice and helpful. The bentu is the best I've had so far. I like that it lasts longer than other strains. I mixed it with red horn tea and I was able to deal with my pain better than pain meds ever could achieve. I'm sleeping well if I add a little extra every night. it mixes really well considering it's very powdery which is a plus. I'm recommending you guys to other people who have to endure chronic pain. kratom is helping me deal with my pain and no side effects at all like you get on pain meds. "
L. Torres
Sample pack
"I have liked the 2 I have tried so far. The Red Sunda is the best one so far. It is very speedy, but no jitters. The White Indo made me really sleepy. Krabot never disappoints. I know I'll like the others"
Tanner D.
Great Quality Every Time
"Great quality as always. Quick shipping and great customer service."
Kathleen D.
"Big fan of the green old growth strain!"
Christian E.
Love Krabot.
"My other fav at the moment. Generally great for all around focus and to lessen anxiety!"
Melissa C.
Wonderful products, Wonderful service.
"It is a go to for me. Able to focus, lowers the stress I have with my job. Many other companies I have tried but Karbot is by far the best to date! "
Melissa C.
Capsules samples
"Won’t be buying my Kratom from any other place! Great on customer service and product is excellent!!! Thank you for your services."
Samantha B.
Always a great purchase
"Green Bali is my go-to, but I took the opportunity to pick up some yellow Bali (also great), Red Horn and White Maeng Da. Shipping is very quick, packaging is also classy. I've never had an issue with potency and enjoy making my own mixes. The value of the split kilo is recommended."
Peter H.
"My experience was wonderful! Website was easy to navigate, product selection vast, prices great, shipping speedy-quick and communication amazing. The product itself is fantastic too! :) Thanks so much, I'll be back, Sherry"
Sheryl H.
"A Satisfying product and some phenomenal customer service. "
RIchard m.
Love the red and the service
"This vendor is by far the top of the food chain for products and outstanding service A+++++ The red is more for evening for me and does help me relax but stay focused on my tasks. I am very happy with product and will be customer from here on out"
Another great order from Krabot
"Krabot has been a godsend to myself and my wife. We both take it daily. I'm training on a really tough job at work and it helps give me energy for the day and keeps me focused. My mind is sharper while taking the Green Maeng Da! It also helps give my wife the energy she needs to take care of 3 kids with football, track, mma , and all the constant, never-ending duties of a housewife. Thank Krabot! You have the best Kratom, prices, and shipping on the market"
Tanner D.
Green Malay is great as usual
"The new batch of Green Malay is awesome,and one of my favorites!"
bruce w.
Very Pleased
"Love it, great product, great company. "
Joshua K.
Great as always
"The best vendor around..Never an issue with KRABOT"
Doug D.
"Been a godsend for my husbands chronic back pain"
"I'm taking 1,000mg every morning. Overall feeling is a lot less "aches and pains". I'm not on any prescriptions thankfully. I'm very happy with this product. Giving me desirable results. "
Awsome product, awsome service
"Its everything the company says and its a great price"
"This strain is one of the best reds out there. "
Stephanie A.
My Go To Strain
"This is my absolute favorite strain. Perfect blend of energy and mood lift. I’ve also tried the sample pack and this one stood out to me, along with Green Malay.I’ve had many Maeng Da’s and Krabot definitely provides one of the best quality ones I’ve had. "
Wesley S.
Bali gold
"Very soild strain. Definitely a little more stimulating for me but nonetheless very good... I did recently order red Hulu and red Sumatra... Waiting for it to come in now and super excited.... Helps a lot with my arthritis and herniated discs. :) Thank you guys! "
Eric W.
My favorite
"Ordered the pills because toss n wash was getting nasty to me. Little more expensive but same great results!"
Chris S.
"I love this product. It's so cheap but great quality and the customer service is amazing! "
Elizabeth M.
Great Extract
"Very good product. I take them with kratom when my tolerance gets high, and they work great. I hope they restock this soon. It's one of my favorites. "
Rose A.
"My husband and I love your products, and we will be using your site again for sure."
Brian S.