Customer Reviews


"My best experience with Krabot so far. Krabot is my go to place. "
Benjamin E.
Clean energy no jitters or bummers
"I have had issues with certain vendors who’s kratom gave me headaches and nausea, Krabot’s kratom has never done that to me. This morning blend was pretty good stuff. Five stars because I wonder if it could be stronger. As with Coffee and other botanicals like Ginseng, I do know it is useful to stop taking kratom for a couple weeks from time to time and the effects will be much more noticeable when you take it again. I love to have this with morninga and organic grapefruit juice in the morning, it makes for a nice start to the day, and is a good thing for the guitar player. Thanks much Krābot. Cheers"
Marty Samuel Miller
Love it as always.
"I prefer white horn over this white indo. Just my preference. But every kratom from this company has been very good. "
Joan C.
Great customer service
"I have ordered from this company many times. I had an issue with my last order and they were quick to respond and correct it for me. Their green maeng da is some of the best I've had."
Elizabeth A.
Awesome every time
"Good quality and fast shipping. Every. Time. "
"These guys never disappoint. I haven’t ever gotten a response from customer service but for a tracking number; other than that— best in my opinion hands down. Love it all. "
Bailey C.
Depression Vs. Krabot
"Krabot wins...."
William G.
Great quality AGAIN!
"Smooth and energetic. Thanks"
chris r.
White Horn
"This is slowly becoming my new go-to for mood and energy! "
Shannon S.
Best blend for energy and mood
"Gives you a great amount of energy, uplifts your mood, and helps with pain and inflamation. "
Rose A.
Happy with my order
"I’m happy with my order, they sent the correct product. Last time I received the wrong product. "
Evan G.
Always the best
"Fast shipping, wonderful product, and great customer service. "
Joan C.
Go to
"Always reliable strain for pain relief and anxiety. Highly recommend"
Jed O.
My go to when other things aren't helping.
"This helps when other things fail me. It's good to have in your herbal cabinet for many different uses. I wouldn't take it daily for longer than about a week to two weeks to help prevent your body from building up a tolerance to it. I only need 1 to 2 capsules and that's 1000 mg less than the recommended starting dose. So using it intelligently is the key to successful long term use of it. Use the minimum effective amount and when it begins to wane switch up with other things to carry over about 3 to 4 weeks before starting taking it again. It's not addictive if you use it with intelligence. "
Miriam F.
Excellent, as usual
"Top quality, shipped out quickly, and no problems. It is nice to have a reliable source of kratom."
Kenneth A.
One of my favorites!
"I like this white the best. . Great customer service as always!"
Joan C.
Great Product
"I suffer chronic pain and this product helps relieve my pain. This company provides great service and product. Very professional! "
Denise M.
Krabōt does not disappoint.
"Shipping and product quality have been on point. Will continue to buy.! "
Justin N.
Great product
"Nice blend worked great for chronic pain. "
Teresa p.
Good company
"Assisted me with issues regarding payment in a timely manner "
Teresa P.
Awesome quality...AGAIN! :)
"You guys are by far the best vendor out there. Thanks so much "
chris r.
Split Kilo is the best deal around
"Got my usual split kilo with the strains o usually get (green maeng da, green hulu, red Sumatra, and Red Kali) The first 3 strains are some of my favorites, the Red Kali is new to me. Very sedating and euphoric...great for bed time. Quality of the other 3 is great as always. Can’t go wrong with Krabot!"
Bradley H.
White Indo is the best balanced kratom
"The balance of energy and relaxing is so fine tuned in this strain"
Beau R.
"Amazing product, gives me happy thoughts, i use Kratom for joint pain and acute anxiety. This green hits like meang da, gives the energy of a green. Very nice product" S.
"My 2nd sampler pack trying new strains. I can't find any bad ones so it's going to be tough making a choice when ordering higher weight. HA!"
David V.
Best Around
"Krabot is at the top of the list when it comes to Kratom. This stuff actually works. 5stars in my book."
Dannie P.
Love it
"Can't go wrong with GMD"
Jordan S.
Awesome as always
"Fast, effecient and consistent "
"Nice quality and very fast shipping "
Jesse M.
"This is about my third time buying this red, and it is my favorite of all the reds I have tried so far; although I have not tried too many. I wish I could find it locally, but it is what keeps me coming back here! Very good for pain management."
Ellie M.