Customer Reviews


Golden Wonder
"Good balance of relaxing and energizing "
Jordan S.
Best of the best!
"Absolutely the best at a higher dose for pain, but I can’t take it if I’m working!!"
Stacey H.
Great go to
"My experience with Krabot has been mixed, I absolutely love the products but I have attempted to ask several questions and ask for suggestions but have never received a reply. Other than that, the red Borneo is the one I always fall back on for my pain."
Stacey H.
the best kratom available
"The quality of your kratom is beyond 5 stars. And the speed of the shipping is unrivaled by any other company. We won't shop for it anywhere else. "
paula n.
Simply the Best
"Krabot's White Indo is awesome. White Indo is great for back pain! But to top off a great product, Krabot's service is number 1. Great product, combined with great customer service is why will always choose Krabot!"
Michael L.
Love Bentuangie!!
"I had never tried Bentuangie before; love this strain. Excellent pain relieving without the sedation that most reds give, still mellow but not so much that you can't get work done. I ordered 250g bag to test for me and my mom, we both love it. Will order a larger amount as soon as it comes back on stock. "
Christina W.
White JongKong Is my go to....
"The White JongKong is a life saver! If you ever feel like you cant adult or even just get out of bed ? White JongKong is for you. It has helped get off pain medicine with no withdraws what so ever, and it helps me to be around people. If you have a problem getting motivated than White JongKong is for you!"
Timothy B.
Pretty good not my favorite
"Pretty good not my favorite though. Other strains are better for me. Great service as always thanks for your hard work as always krabot!!!"
Matthew R.
great value and good service
"overall all good and potent strains. im very pleased. krabot is one of my go to vendors!!"
elizabeth m.
Every single batch.
"Best quality Kratom hands down. Have not received anything other than perfection"
Benjamin S.
I love Krabot, the Malay
"I love Krabot, the Malay was really good and last quite a while "
Joshua K.
Red Borneo
"I’ve tried a lot of different brands of Kratom and Krabot is by far the best. Red Borneo is best for me, it helps with my back pain and anxiety. Best things about krabot brand is it doesn’t take a lot to work. 1tbl spoon and I’m good! "
Candace S.
Excellent Product
"Very good. It met my needs for energy and we'll being. Lasts for 6 hours for me and I'm not impaired. But like with all kratom the second time I take it i get kinda high of it which I don't particularly like but I still take it because otherwise I'd be yawning for the rest of the day because I am so tired all the time. This definitely helps with my medically induced chronic fatigue syndrome, undiagnosed of course."
Michael B.
Super favs
"Please restock!"
Jocelyn D.
"Love it it's premium quality. "
Justin B.
Good as Gold!
"Bali Gold greatly exceeded my expectations. I understand now why it was unavailable for so long - demand exceeded supply. I’d definitely order it again "
John S.
Red Thai
"I buy this for my wife who has chronic pain. She seems to think it works. "
Gary M.
Good blend
"It was good I like maeng da's you can tell it has red green and white . The Energy is there with good pain relief"
Steve A.
Love it
"It was good nice for a little energy"
Zebulon Z.
"I may say it every time I review any product by Krabot, but simply put... This company and its product is amazing!"
Robert L.
Very Pleased
"First received Green Bali as part of an assortment pack. 000 capsules make dosage easy, like early in day, helps ease various aches and pains, gives me a very good energy level to get a lot of things done, not sit and meditate. Has become one of my favorites."
Jim C.
Oh how I missed you, Bali Gold
"It had been a really along time since I’d had this strain and oh, how I missed it!!! This is one of my all time favorites! If this Bali Gold were to be graduating high school, it would be voted “Best all Around”!!! Seriously, it’s awesome! Great energy and focus, amazing pain relief and a fast acting mood booster! I love this strain and highly recommend it! "
LIz C.
"I have been taking kratom for a year now I always had back problems which I believe was a mix of stress and a bad back well I have not had a problem with my back I believe it's because this helps with my stress "
Jason F.
6 stars
"Awesome service. Awesome product. What's not to like? Just what I have been looking for. Great energy boost that lasts and a real benefit for my pain! Only problem was, when ordering I tried to use $5.00 credit and didn't receive it. Emailed co. but got no reply. "
Cameron S.
Great strand
"Great for pain relief!"
Elizabeth S.
Just what the doctor ordered
"You guys are way the best. Sorry I thought you had gone out of business (I asked for my money back). Some how my ordered got delayed down south. Now on to what an up hill battle with the DEA this is going to be. Last night the news channel 7 Redding did a repost on Kratom. What a joke they said 41 people died for ingesting kratom but what they did not mention where all the other drug that in there system. This county which I love to death has become so very surreal. Please I now know your not going anywhere. Take care, stay strong and buy all means real. Jimmy :o) "
James B.
Great as always!
"Best Kratom online hands down. Highly recommended!"
Jason S.
"The White Thai works so great "
John H.
Consistantly Impressive
"The guys and gals here are always on time and ready for support when you need them; you usually will not need them- they work quietly behind the scenes getting me the best. They will do the same for you."
Nate N.
Morning Blend
"This is now my favorite kratom. It gives me energy and keeps me relaxed too. "
Sandi O.