Yellow Sumatra Kratom

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Yellow Sumatra Kratom

The yellow strains of Kratom have attracted huge attention lately, thanks to their uniqueness. Yellow Sumatra is the only Kratom plant that is not yellow veined. These yellow Kratom strains are often manufactured through the artificial processing of typical Kratom strains. This unique breed is native to the famous Sumatra Island in Indonesia. It gets its name and alkaloid contents from Sumatra Island.

This famous island in Indonesia is ideal for Kratom growth since it is a tropical rainforest. Sumatra Kratom gets its unique yellow coloration from oxidation and processing. Before the leaves are processed, they are cleaned through photo-oxidation. The leaves will take around 15 to 20 days to oxidize and obtain the yellow color. Sumatra Kratom also has a green strain that provides a bright yellow powder. The white strains of Sumatra Kratom produce a gold powder.

What is Yellow Sumatra Kratom?

Simply put, Yellow Sumatra Kratom is a product of the organic Sumatra Kratom strain and is produced through oxidation. It is available in two strains, namely the white and green variants. During production, the two strains are mixed to create the Yellow Sumatra kratom. The leaves are sun-dried to facilitate complete photo-oxidation. The oxidation process takes around two to three weeks and is important because it alters the alkaloid contents.

One of the most essential alkaloids in Sumatra Kratom is Mitragynine. This alkaloid is responsible for the efficiency of Sumatra Kratom. This alkaloid is what can result in a euphoric and energetic feeling. The other alkaloids, such as Mitrafoline, Paynantheine, Epicatechin, Speciocilatine, and Isospeciofoline, also play a vital role.

Yellow Sumatra Kratom Benefits and Effects

Yellow Sumatra Kratom has gained widespread popularity due to its benefits and effects. Those who have been using this unique breed at the right doses claim that it creates refreshing, desirable, and relaxing effects, thanks to its alkaloid contents. Unlike most strains, its effects are slow yet steady.

Yellow Sumatra Kratom Dosage

There is no right or wrong dose when it comes to Yellow Sumatra Kratom. The user’s needs and preferences will influence the ideal dosage. Most of all, body tolerance and the user’s experience will also determine the right dosage. Even so, some dosages guarantee the best results. For new users, it would be best to start your journey with a low dosage before increasing it with time. Users can begin with one or two grams of Yellow Sumatra Kratom before increasing the dosage to up to seven grams per day. Remember, your body tolerance will determine if you should increase your dosage.

Worthy Alternatives

Depending on what you want, the other two strains of Sumatra Kratom are a worthy alternative. They have the same alkaloid contents and provide similar effects. Although you might have heard numerous people talk about its benefits and effects, it would be best to try it yourself. It is worth the hype and your money, and you should add it to your list of favorites.

Where to Buy Yellow Sumatra Kratom

If you need a new and authentic Yellow Sumatra Kratom Vendor, make sure to check out Krabot today. Yellow Sumatra Kratom from Krabot is grown and cultivated in the natural forests of Southeast Asia and does not have additives. We blend every batch for consistency, and heat treat (pasteurize)for the elimination of microbial. This process also lowers yeast and mold counts if present. We further test every batch for purity, heavy metals, and alkaloid content.

  • High quality finely ground powder
  • 100 Micron fast acting grind
  • Pesticide and chemical free
  • No additives
  • Grown and harvested in the jungles of Southeast asia