White Thai Kratom

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White Thai Kratom Effects and Benefits

White Thai is a white veined strain with Thai origins.  This is now grown in various regions of Indonesia due to it's illegal status in Thailand. Known for its high alkaloid content, this particular strain is often referred to as the strongest white veins available.

What is White Thai Kratom

White Thai kratom has very specific characteristics making it perhaps the best strain for those looking for an alternative to coffee and other forms of caffeine.  Unlike other strains of kratom that fall on the discomfort-relief end of the spectrum, White Thai kratom is used for almost one purpose alone - its stimulating and energy-boosting effects.  Originally produced in Thailand, White Thai kratom is now grown mainly in Indonesia and surrounding tropical areas. 

  • High alkaloid content
  • 100 Micron fast acting grind
  • Pesticide and chemical free
  • No additives
  • Grown and harvested in the deep jungles of Southeast Asia

Where to Buy White Thai Kratom

You can buy White Thai kratom here at Krābot. Krābot’s White Thai kratom is 100% organic and sustainably sourced from the Southeastern Asia jungle.

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa Leaf