Kratom Shot 24ct Case (150mg)

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Brand: Krābot
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Krabot's Shot Full Case (150mg) 24ct

24 Kratom Shots (150mg) using our very own house extract. Each shot has 3 servings. Each shot contains a whopping 150mg of Kratom alkaloids, with 125mg coming from Mitragynine alone.

Krabot’s line of Alkaloid-rich shots are made with a special mixture of various extracts, this combination makes for a perfectly blended Full-Spectrum shot. The main extract used is a 75% total-alkaloid, Full-Spectrum extract (give or take a couple percentages per batch). On top of that, we add a tad of isolated Mitragynine, along with orange-colored, mustard-colored, and light-brown colored extracts that have various Alkaloid profiles in order to deliver a true, Full-Spectrum shot.   

  • 3 Servings per bottle
  • 24 Individual Shots
  • Full range of Kratom alkaloids
  • High strength
  • Great value
  • No plant matter, taste or smell

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa Leaf extract, citric acid, and water.