Kratom Mitragynine Tablets (100mg)

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In stark contrast to our full spectrum Alk-Tab 75 tablets, these are heavy only in Mitragynine. This allows for a completely different tablet.

The main extract used is a 85% total-alkaloid, Mitragynine heavy at 73% (give or take a couple percentages per batch). 

MIT-Tab 100 Tablets are 10mm in size and their average total weight is 460mg. Of that 460mg, each tablet has about 130mg of Alkaloids.  

  • Speically formulated for longer lasting
  • Mitragynine heavy extract
  • High strength
  • Tablet size (10mm)
  • No plant matter, taste or smell

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa Leaf, filler and binding agents.