Flavored Kratom Sample Pack (150 Servings)

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What is a Flavored Kratom Sample Pack?

Introducing an industry first, we bring you the first flavored kratom powder on the market. This sample pack allows for you to choose seven great flavors (any strain). Five 120 gram (30 Serving) bags, 600 grams total. Choose from our most popular flavors and strains.

Our main complaint from customers when it comes to consuming kratom powder is most people can't get past the taste. We have solved this longstanding issue in the kratom industry by adding a desirable flavor to kratom powder. This product contains no sugar, no additives, and no extract.....Just the raw leaf with with a tasty flavor profile.  


Sample Pack Flavored Kratom Effects and Benefits

Flavored kratom powder is meant to be served as a drink to sip on and enjoy. It has been claimed by some consumers that by sipping on the flavored kratom it provides a different effect than the typical methods of shooting the kratom powder with various other liquids.  No need to create your own recipe to mask the taste, as NutraSpec has done all the work for you. Simply add water, shake or stir, and the flavored kratom powder will do the rest!

Sample Pack Flavored Kratom Dosage

Our recommended dosage is one scoop (4 grams). We recommend the single serving to be mixed with 8-12 ounces of water. Best way to mix is to add to a bottle of water and shake, or add to a shaker cup and shake until the powder is completely mixed with the water. One serving should provide a desirable effect to the consumer for a 4-6 hour period. Best to shake your bottle or shaker cup every few drinks to make sure the powder is mixed well with the water. Each kratom consumers biology is different, so best to start from one scoop and experiment with more or less to achieve the desired effect. 

Where to Buy Flavored Kratom Powder?

You can buy high-quality Flavored Kratom powder at Krabot. Every batch is checked for consistency and heat-treated to remove microbials. The process also eliminates yeast and mold count. We also inspect every batch for alkaloid content, heavy metals, and purity.

  • High quality finely ground Kratom powder
  • 100 Micron & Sub-Micron fast acting grind
  • Pesticide and chemical free
  • Heat treated for anti-microbial 
  • Grown and harvested in the jungles of Southeast Asia

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa, Proprietary Flavor Blend