Capsule Sample Pack 1000mg (L)

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This is a sample pack of our most popular strains.  5 strains, 60 capsules each, (300 Capsules total). These are the large 000 capsules.

1000mg per capsule. Most vendors use between 500mg to 600mg.

  1. Green Bali
  2. Green Maeng Da
  3. Green Malay
  4. Red Horn
  5. White Maeng Da
  • High quality
  • Fast acting
  • Quick dissolving USA made gelatin capsules
  • No additives, fillers, or binders used
  • Capsule size (000)
  • UV blocking colored capsules and bottles
  • DryPack® to fight moisture and mold preserving freshness

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Kaiti T.

Great product, Great EVERYTHING!

I won't lie, usually I don't leave reviews for products I buy, but with the outstanding results from krabot kratom I needed to. I want people who have similar issues to see that this stuff works. My husband and I have tried almost all included in the sample pack prior to purchase, and they are all wonderful. We chose the sample pack because it has everything we prefer. My husband has severe back and ankle pain from injuries when he was a teenager. With the help of krabot kratom he is able to make it through the day, working on his feet, lifting, moving and packing up very heavy equipment all day, everyday. He comes home and plays with our puppies, we go for walks, take the pups for walks, we spend time together. We tried kratom from local shops in the area, but we weren't impressed with the quality, the dosage per capsule or the price. but when we came across this site, we decided to try krabot. And it is by far the best that we've tried. I personally like the more sedative kratom, I have problems sleeping at night and the red horn is a great substitute for the medication I use for sleeping. I can't wait to get the red Bali, but it's always sold out!! My husband likes the more mood/energy lifting strains. The products are wonderful, the shipping is fast, and the prices are outstanding. We will continue to order from krabot, hands down. This was our third purchase and it's worth every penny. Also to add, we both have mental health issues, and the strains that are more mood lifting and energizing help tremendously with our anxiety and depression. Kratom is a great product, with the ability to help various different ailments. I would recommend Krabot Kratom to anyone who is looking for pain relief without having to be prescribed medications. Also to anyone who is looking for a different way to manage their depression/anxiety. It has done wonders for my husband and myself. 5 stars for each strain.

Jamie Bridges
Aztec, NM

A step down suddenly :(

I originally ordered a bottle if the Green Bali having never tried any kratom and was very surprised. I love it. One thing I noticed was that the size of the capsules varied quite a bit. Some were almost twice the size of others. But I just decided to use the bigger ones when I wanted a stronger effect. I then decided I wanted to try a small sample pack. I liked all of the choices for different times and this time the pills were all large. I was very happy about that. I used most of it up and decided to order the large sample pack. This was like $126 after shipping and everything. I was really disappointed to see that all of these pills were smaller this time. I mean, they are consistent but all very small compared to some og the monsters I got previous, maybe 30% smaller. I am afraid I got gyped on the quantity in this batch. They like to say they give 1000mg per serving but with the variance I have seen, I am concerned I am not getting that. Beyond the size variances I have noticed this time that some of them have a burnt or chemical taste that wasn't there before. Lastly, I have read that potency reduces if you use it a lot. I am not sure if that is the case with me but in the last sample pack I would usually take one and feel relaxed or two for a more potent effect. With this batch I can take two and get only a very mild effect. I would like some advice on this. I take a different type every day. On another note entirely, the process of getting a new payment processor seems to be taking forever. It impeded me getting my order faster and more securely. The paypal request did not use the company name so that freaked me out on an order over $100. Suffice it to say, I thought Krabot was the best but I am considering looking around. I would like to stay loyal to Krabot for sure, but I would feel better if the size and quality were more consistent. Hope to see that!! Thanks guys for the good stuff you have done and for being a good start to using kratom.



Thank you for writing. I'd like to explain why the capsules appear to be smaller. We recently acquired a custom tooled machine that forces more powder into the capsule, it is then closed by a hydraulic press. Our older method used a more manual process which resulted in varying weights. The new method produces the capsule at a proper size while still holding 1+ gram per capsule. If you have any additional questions or comments send us an email. As far as payment processor goes, we are working on a permanent solution which should be online shortly. Sorry for any difficulties this may have caused. --Support

joshua h.
United States


Love these dank capsules. Super dank!

ryanquick00 ..
United States

Great love i

Are usually order the powder but this time I decided to go the capsules and I don't go to at all way easier and more convenient and less time out of my day is taken and I seen tonight I have to take as much as I do when I toss and watch the powder will continue to order love getting samples just wish this had more red strains

Capsule Sample Pack 1000mg (L)

Great products, Best customer service

Great selection all the way through, the red horn was my favorite but enjoy the green Maeng Da and Green Bali quiet well too, the white Maeng Da goes great in the mornings, green through the day and red for the days around the house although hadn't had any times that were oversedating. As the title says, great product and the best customer service I've seen and heard of.

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