Super Green Malay Hybrid

Super Green Malay Hybrid

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This month we are featuring a hybrid blend containing premium extract. This is a true 12x extract using our very own Green Malay. To produce this super strain, we mix Green Malay extract with Green Malay powder at a 1:5 ratio, or 20%.

It takes 12g of Green Malay to produce just 1g of extract. This is achieved using multiple, all natural solvents to extract the varying alkaloids from the plant. It is then cooked at high heat, and into the oven for a slow (low temp) bake to solidify the concentrate, and finally grinded back down into a microcrystalline powder. From there we blend it back in with our Green Malay.

Other extracts are often marketed as 25x, 50x, or even 100x potency. Take this with a grain of salt, as the quality of leaf used, number of solvents, and process has every bit to do with quality and potency as the ratio.

  • High quality extract
  • Small batch product
  • True 12x extract
  • 1:5 blend ratio

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