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This is a small sample pack of our most popular strains of Kratom (mitragyna speciosa) powder.  5 strains, 28 grams each, for (140 grams total) or (5 ounces).

  1. Green Bali
  2. Green Maeng Da
  3. Green Malay
  4. Red Horn
  5. White Maeng Da
  • High quality Kratom powder
  • 100 Micron fast acting grind
  • Pesticide and chemical free
  • No additives
  • Grown and harvested in the jungles of Southeast Asia

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    Christopher G.
    United States

    Good price, nice packaging, good service

    Was a good experience, but if I'm being honest I'm not sure this is the best quality kratom I've had. I usually get from another site, and their stuff seems more potent than yours. Your selection is bigger and prices a little better....but.....

    Logan B.
    United States


    Great service and product

    Scott D.
    United States


    Tried this place out just out of curiosity and boy am I glad! The quality of this Kratom is better than anything I have tried. Shipping was fast and they even gave me extra just because! Already bought more! Can't wait to try all the other strains and blends. Thank you, Krabot!

    United States

    Excellent Quality Kratom

    Red Sunda-Excellent mood lifting strain with a good amount of relaxation & a tinge of energy to it. Would be Perfect for an end of the work day strain when needing to wind down. Also just makes anything more enjoyable no matter what it is. Effects come on in 15 minutes & lasts about 2.5 hours. Has a very good Pain Relieving Effect to it also. 88/100 White Malay-Very powerful energizing Malay. Doesn't take very much to achieve effects that you desire. I only had to take about 2.5 grams. I could have only taken 2 grams & had good effects from it. At mid range doses can give a headache & dizziness so beware of your dosage that you take with this one. Excellent for needing a mood boost with a nice energizing lift for about 2.5 hours. 89/100 Red Kali-Very Subtle mild strain that is on the medium slow side. This would be a perfect strain to try out for a newbie because it is so mild & underwhelming. Still a good strain but just not very potent. Has very good pain relief potential to it with just a slight amount of relaxation that is mild. If you want a pain reliever that won't overwhelm you with effects than this is it. Effects do last a good while. Effects started fading away after about 3 hours. 68/100 Green Malay-Nice uplifting Malay with a good amount of mood lift & stimulation. A slight amount of relaxation to it but mostly a medium fast strain. So would be mostly for the day. Would be great for any Social Anxiety to give you confidence. Overall a very good Green Malay. 85/100 Red Hulu-This is more of a nice subtle relaxing strain that will not knock your socks off but will still give good effects. Has a unique relaxing energy to it that is on the mild side. A nice smooth relaxing strain for relaxing in the afternoon without being overbearing or too sedating. 74/100 Krabot is an overall very good vendor that just does everything good & I don't see any real weak points anywhere. The grind is fine & the taste is not too bad with their Kratom. Price is good for the Quality. Has a very good selection too choose from with a few strains that are hard to find from most vendors. Plus they have 1,000 mg or 1 gram capsules though they are expensive. Their website is very easy to use as well. Some of the fastest shipping that I've ever seen at just under 2 days once it was shipped out. I really liked the pouches that they use. They are very durable, easy to open & seal very well. Overall a very good choice for a Vendor. Kratom Quality 82/100 Customer Service 80/100 Shipping 98/100 Pricing 83/100 My Overall 84/100

    Michael H.
    United States

    Great Product

    The Kratom from Krabot is the best I have found from the many vendors I have tried. Looking forward to the new products and extracts.

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