Red Horn 20X Extract 500mg Capsules

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This is a true 20X extract using our very own Red Horn. It takes 20g of Red Horn to produce just 1g of extract. This is achieved using multiple, all natural solvents to extract the varying alkaloids from the plant. This is a multi-stage process which involves cooking down the slurry, straining, and baking at low heat to solidify the concentrate. It is then ground into a fine microcrystalline powder.

Other extracts are often marketed as 50X, or even 100X potency. Take this with a grain of salt, as the quality of leaf used, number of solvents, cook and baking process has every bit to do with quality and potency as the ratio does.

*To be used in conjunction with powder.

  • High quality extract
  • Small batch product
  • True 20X extract
  • Small (size 0) capsules
  • Great compliment to our Red Horn

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    Ryan S

    Very Good, when taken with other Kratom

    The first time I tried these, instead of my usual morning dose I took two of these caps to see if I could feel anything just from the extract, I waited for a while, 45 minutes in had a cup of coffee, I did feel a bit of something, pain had decreased from an 8 to a 7 but still pretty bad. So after an hour, I decided I really need some powder as my pain was getting to be too much. I took another red strain, figured I'd stay with the same color although I mix strains all the time, it definitely hit harder than if I had not taken the extract but could be placebo as well but I felt **** good. The next day I took two more caps and 5 g of Krabot's Green Maeng Da on of my favorites, this time there was no doubt, great mood lift, the pain decreased quite a bit more, which greens don't always do, no placebo effect here, these caps are definitely pretty **** good, for sure take them with some other powder,tea or caps whatever your given use. They are fairly pricey so probably more of an end of a rough week use or if you're a baller use them every day, your prerogative.


    Very happy, Very relaxed

    Order came in today and used 2 with slightly less than my typical amount of Red Horn and these have boosted it quiet a bit, back pain has relaxed along with all other joints as well as an almost permanent anxiety gone. Good way to end a monday. One of the best extracts I have had the chance to enjoy. Keep in mind to mix with powdered leaf and only use it every once and a while for it will skyrocket your tollerance to plain leaf. Only my third order but I look forward to the continued buisiness, Great job and appreciate it Krabot Crew!

    Murray UT

    Great for ****** w/d

    I'm impressed with this strain as well as this vendor. Ordered Friday and received following Monday. I am currently getting off narcotic pain meds for chronic pain from psoriatic arthritis, osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia. Red Horn kratom takes away all the pain from these disorders. I also pulled some muscles and tendons in my shoulder and this strain decreases the pain by about 50%. Very happy and feeling so much better. Thank you for your high quality product and service!

    Darin D.
    United States

    Red horn 20x extract. Plus other powder reviews.

    20x does not seem to have the pain relief i need. My advice is buy the red horn powder. One teaspoon has about 5 hours relief from my cronic knee pain. After buying the multi 10 pack, here is my thoughts.: Great value...for the money. For the following strains: good for 3 to 5 hours of pain reduction for my knees , noticable calming affect. Somewhat euphoric feeling. This includes the following strains: Red Maeng de Red horn Green Malay The following require two to three times the amount to exibit the same effects as the above mentioned strains.: Red Sumatra Yellow Vietnam Yellow Bali White Indo This is definitely not a controlled test and is based on the batches i recieved june 18, 2017. Based on my opinion. IF YOU GROW YOUR PLANTS WITH WOOD ASH FOR FERTILIZER YOU SHOULD MAXIMISE YOU POTENCY. My opinion THANKS for your time. DD

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