Guide To Manage Declined Transactions

This brief guide is designed to assist customers that have had their order declined when purchasing on our website. Please take note of the below recommendations if your card has been declined.

  • If your card has been declined with the response "Contact the issuing bank" or "Declined by issuing bank", please contact your bank to remove the block on your card before trying again.
  • If your card has been declined with the response "Card is blocked", it is likely that you have entered the card number wrong. Please ensure the number is entered correctly with no spaces and try again. If the issue persists, please contact Krabot Support.
  • If you card has been declined with a generic "Transaction declined", make sure your first name (in full, not just initial) and last name are entered as shown on the front of the card, and use an alternate email address. Do not use any middle name initials. If you still experience issues, please contact Krabot Support for assistance.

If none of the above works, check out using the "PayPal Invoice" option and we will email you a PayPal invoice. This will allow you to complete the checkout process and use any credit card you like.