When it comes to Kratom Extract, most vendors only consider the common alkaloids known as Mitragynine and 7-OH-Mitragynine; however, Krabot’s line of extract products prioritizes all of the alkaloids that take part in the plant’s biological structure. Krabot’s team follows the modern research and relies on lab-testing procedures to identify the present alkaloid profiles in each strain and extract. Krabot’s extract blends are made of various extract strains in order to complete a guaranteed Full-Spectrum profile of known alkaloids. 

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    A concentrated form of kratom, kratom extract is produced using natural processing methods in order to pull the alkalines from the leaf and remove lipids and other difficult-to-digest plant matter. These processing methods, such as boiling and food-grade solvents, maintain the natural integrity of the kratom. Not to be confused with kratom powder which is crushed kratom leaf, kratom extract is crushed into powder only after going through the extraction process.

    Kratom extract offers an alternative, concentrated, method of enjoying the benefits of kratom. Kratom extract comes in different ratios, which indicates the level of active ingredients. A higher concentration of active ingredients means less plant material and higher strength per weight. Kratom extract is generally added to drinks such as fruit and vegetable smoothies, or added to kratom powder for an added kick.

    Krābot extract is sourced from the highest quality kratom available, directly from the jungles of Southeast Asia. Krābot kratom extract is packaged in the United States and shipped directly to your door.