We wanted to put up a FAQ for concerned customers regarding the Coronavirus, or (COVID-19).  Should you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out.

Q: Is it possible for Coronavirus to be present in my Kratom? 

A: This scenario is highly unlikely. Firstly, the virus can only live 7-10 days outside the body, or host. The cargo ship transporting Kratom from Indonesia has a 20+ day transit time.  Secondly, the Kratom is further processed with heat to kill any remaining bacteria, this is usually done for salmonella and e-coli, but also kills viruses as it's easily eradicated at 70c.

Q: What are the conditions in the production environment?

A: We are following all guidelines as outlined by the CDC. Frequent hand-washing is mandatory for all employees.  All equipment is stainless steel, NSF certified, and food grade.  We also utilize clean rooms and safe handling procedures as outlined by our SOP's.  All workers adhere to safe handling protocols, and are fully gowned including respirator mask, gloves, hairnet, and beardnet as required. All employees are now being monitored and will be immediately sent home should any symptoms arise, with pay. We feel this is an important step in getting full cooperation from staff. 

We wanted to communicate and be fully transparent with our customers.  Your wellbeing is our top priority. We know many of you have reached out in the last couple of weeks and we share your concerns. We have ample supply on hand, and we see no slowdown in the supply chain.


The Krabot Team