10 Strain Powder Sample Pack (S)

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* Must choose 10 strains.  Orders with less, or more will be cancelled.

Choose 10 strains. See individual product pages for strain description and product reviews.

This is a small sample pack of our most popular new strains. 10 strains, 28 grams each, (280 grams or 10 ounces total). Additional product descriptions coming soon.

  • High quality finely ground powder
  • 100 Micron fast acting grind
  • Pesticide and chemical free
  • No additives
  • Grown and harvested in the jungles of Southeast Asia

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    New Jersey

    One of the best sampler packs on the market today

    Krabot's selection is huge! These sampler packs are great for beginners and "expects" alike. Pick ten and find out which strains work best for you. The quality of Krabot's Kratom is on par with the best vendors out there. It's not often you can find a sampler where you can choose 10 different strains. But with Krabot you can. Easy to sample ever strain Krabot has.

    karen m.
    United States

    Sample pack

    Sample pack is awesome. I am pretty new to kratom and not sure which one is best for me, which is still a problem because they all helped especially with depression, much better than anything I have ever been prescribed. The price is way better than the 2 other vendors I have tried. I will definitely order from this site again.


    Everything About This Company Screams "Quality product!" P.S. These Guys Sell BEYOND HIGH QUALITY Kratom and Calling It Just "High Quality" Doesn't Do It Justice :)

    So I never write reviews. Never ever, not even for wonderful restaurants that met every need and desire I had. However, I feel compelled to write a review because I feel like underneath all of the quality packaging and professionalism of the company that sells this Kratom is a heart. Sounds cheesy, I know. What I mean is that the guys who run this site and sell you Kratom seem to really care. I read other reviews and comments about people being upset because they didn't receive a free sample. I was reassured that if I asked on their little "leave a note" thingy when you make your purchase; they will throw in a free sample. That is totally fair and cool of them. In fact you want to know what these awesome people did for me? I'll start with my note. I told them that I am new to Kratom and that I'm purchasing it because I suffer from chronic back pain. (the honest truth) and I asked them if they could be so kind as to throw in some encapsulated Kratom for a sample. I didn't think they would do that for me but they certainly did. They gave me a sample pack of premium yellow caps and I think the other one is gold Bali caps. Quite a few too, both baggies had twelve caps in them for a total of 24g. That's really nice of them. I wasn't expecting to actually get some caps and above all I wasn't expecting two different kinds of samples! So in top of purchasing 10 awesome strains they also threw in 2 sample baggies of different strains. I recommend anybody that is new to Kratom to purchase this 10 strain sample pack. I love how you get to choose the strains you want to try. I really love this website and I'm thankful to Reddit for bringing me here. So far all I have used is the White Indo and I have to tell you, it's rather nice. I'm still sort of new to Kratom. I have used some Red MD and Yellow MD from another vendor, whom I won't name just for the sake of decency, and his didn't compare at all. While I'm still feeling the effects of the White Indo I just took (mixed it with orange juice and it was wonderful, btw) I'll state what I feel from it. > 2100 "Burned" about 4.5G of White Indo mixed W/ OJ (high pulp) > 2130 Skipped taking my vicodin/soma because I'm starting to feel a warm feeling in my lower back (it works so fast) and the warm feeling is nice. I don't actually feel pain right there at the moment. Incredible!! >2200 I feel energized. I feel like I just had a nice cup of coffee and took a fifteen minute power nap. No jitters, nada. Just a sense of being really awake and really focused. Like I'm blocking out the noise from the TV right now as I'm typing this. Almost like tunnel vision, I feel extremely clear headed. This is really cool. As someone who has been on opiates for 7 1/2 years I have NEVER EVER found anything that I can use for pain that would work instead of harmful opiates. If a doctor told me about this when I was younger...They could have saved me a lot of trouble and could have stopped me from becoming addicted to opiates. None of the OTC medications, at least here in California, work for my pain. Kratom does though. The only drawback is that due to my ****** tolerance I have a built up tolerance to Kratom as well. The cool thing is, even a low dose seems to help my pain. My only regret is that I really wanted one of those fancy Krabot measuring spoons I heard come with orders and I didn't get one. :P Maybe they'll send me one for this awesome review! XD To anyone who made it this far reading my painfully long review I want to apologize in advance because it was so long that the Kratom you were thinking of buying is probably sold out by now. P.S. TO THE DUDES WHO WORK AT KRABOT You guys really are great and your product is so amazing I wanted to write a little bit more about the product but I think my long review won't be read by people >.> I had a few suggestions for you guys though. You guys already do the 10 strain sample powder pack. Please do the 10 strain sample capsule pack! :) If you do, I'm sure you'll get even more buyers because you have some really great capsules ( gave two to my mom of the gold Bali. Made her sleepy but no pain ^_^ ) they worked well within 20min. Anyway that's literally my only suggestion. OH shoot...Also! One more suggestion. Y'all need to get your Kratom tea in stock! XD Peace!

    kenny c.
    United States United States

    sample pack

    I love sample packs I really love the 10 strain sample pack from krabot, cant beat the price the service the shipping all A`s in my book. I love being able to use a different strain every day I will be getting the large pack next why not

    Blake V.
    United States United States

    Highest Quality I’ve Tried Yet

    I’ve purchased from many different vendors over the years, and you can rest assured knowing your plant medicine is going to serve you well and that the customer service with Krābot will be above top notch too. I don’t want to give away the surprise, but they seem to be great at sending you samples and extra goodies as well ;) Thank you so much for all you do, Krābot Team!

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