Customer Reviews


So excited!
"I'm obsessed with samples and trying things out. This pack of you pick 10 is great! I can figure out what works for me and my husband without paying for so much I might end up not using. Love these guys."
Caitlin B.
Great quality
"Great price for a split kilo. The only thing i found disappointing was the number of days it took for Krabot to process my echeck payment. I waited two weeks for my delivery. "
Stephanie A.
A solid green hulu
"I enjoyed the product. Ordering was a bit weird but the product was clean and lasted a fair while"
Gean P.
Great product and even better service
"The product I ordered is top quality and prefer it over my previous vendors. The main thing that sticks out is I ordered the Saturday before Christmas and wasn't expecting it to even ship until the day after... Well my package came Christmas eve... 2 days after a Saturday order on a holiday weekend and abou a week ahead of my expectations. Totally shocked me and am 100% satisfied with everything about Krabot. Even the cryptocurrency ordering was made easy as this was my first time buying that way, no problems and they walked me right through the process. "
Jay R.
Good stuff
"Husband loves it"
Victoria B.
Love red horn
"This is my favorite red so far! Love the customer service and fast shipping. Best place to buy kratom. "
Joan C.
Great Product
"As typical, Krabot comes through with the best product I know of, and timely delivery with the holiday is unbeaten!"
Lucas S.
Highest of quality Kratom
"Eases my anxiety within about 20 min after taking and Krabot’s kratom is very potent so you do not need to take that much to get the desired effect. Krabot’s Red Kali is also a fantastic solution for those who experience Chronic Pain."
Greg H.
"After 6 months of making my rounds in the online kratom vendor gamut, I decided to give Krabot another go. I am a 4 yeaŕ kratom user and I know my stuff. Essentially, it was a value oriented decision. That was two orders ago. I am about to place my third with this company. The strain selection is great and the quality is fine. The pricing is spot on also. I was accomadated exceptionally on my "off list" sample pack selections also. A bag was forgotten on my 10 strain sample pack ( hey, shit happens ) and rectified excellently and promptly. All in all, Krabot is the kratom spot for me. I reccomend them highly to anyone looking to meet all of the traits mentioned above. "
Anthony B.
Very Nice
"This was for me a nice surprise because I normally have a high tolerance to kratom. however, the effects for me were very euphoric. Excellent quality. "
Michael R.
Best gold
"Greatest gold I’ve tried"
Favorite red
"My absolute favorite red by far, love mixing with Bali Gold"
Thomas B.
"Great strain, would buy again"
mike p.
White Maeng DA Capsules Deliver
"The White Maeng Da capsules from Krabot are the best of anything similar from other companies. Great for added energy and focus without any of the stomach issues I've had with white maeng da from other vendors."
James W.
Great strains! Good price
"Two of my favorites, Bali Gold and Green Maeng Da. Great for arthritis pain."
Chad L.
Great Blend!
"I take 3 or 4 in the morning and it's better than my prescription meds"
Brandon B.
Very Happy!!
"We have tried many different vendors and by far, Krabot has the best selection and the Kratom is as described in it's use. Their kratom is fresh, it works as stated. We have had to cut back on our serving size because this Kratom is much stronger than others that we have purchased. We have found our permanent vendor. Thank you!"
Carrie E.
I love the product I'll use it again
"I will recommend it to friends overall experience it's a good product"
John V.
Did I mention WOW ?!
"I've been using Kratom for one year now and utilized only 3 vendors before I decided to try Krabot. My previous vendor became my go-to for the last six months but after developing a tolerance to my fave powders I became discouraged. I have SO missed my kratom honeymoon period from a year ago. After hearing that switching vendors can help with tolerance, I decided to venture out and give my money to a new vendor. I quickly chose Krabot after reading their many rave reviews. My package was delivered to my PO Box faster than I had anticipated --- on Christmas Eve, though I didn't go pick it up then. We awoke to a snowstorm today and although I'm afraid of driving in the snow, I was NOT about to let this mini-blizzard stop me from retrieving my Krabot order! Got home safely and whipped up my Orange Juice / White Jongkong drink --- OJ / WJ drink! And just like that, I fell in love with Krabot after my very FIRST dose of White Jongkong! WOW. Long-lasting euphoria, warm fuzzies, and energy! And just like that, Krabot has taken me on my SECOND KRATOM HONEYMOON and at an affordable price! WOW. I can't wait to enjoy the 5 other strains I ordered! THANK YOU, KRABOT!! "
GeriAnne Abeyta
Home run
"Karbot has done it again amazing company with heart."
David K.
Amazing Product!
"You would think I would run out of things to say about this company and their product! But I can’t, they have excellent service and product! "
Robert L.
"I am so pleased with Krabot customer service and high quality products!"
Kelly S.
On point
"I continue to be very happy with my purchases and the customer support I receive. "
Christian M.
"This is the first time that I tried loose leaf and I quite liked it. Only used it once so far and think that I should use a little more next time, but was typical wmd feeling. Thumbs up for sure. Mild pleasant tea"
Jordan Y.
My new morning cup of coffee
"This is my favorite kratom. Instead of coffee, I prefer 2 grams to start my morning for work. No jitters, no early afternoon crash, very focused & ready to take on the day. I recommend this for anyone looking for an energy boost to start the day!👍😎🌞"
Nicholas C.
Best Kratom I’ve ever bought!
"I have purchased from many different companies and this by far has been the best quality at an affordable price I will continue to buy from them!"
Maja D.
Excellentoo product & customer service
"Always quality products and customer service. Keep up the good work Krabot"
Tony R.
Great stuff!
"It was filled to the top which I appreciate! Will definitely buy from here again! "
Kalan L.
"My go-to Vendor and Strain. Thanks KRABOT!"
Todd Ruzicka
Great product
"Best green mang da out there in my opinion."
John S.

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