Customer Reviews


Best white indo
"White indo is my favorite strain as it helps with my pain and sleep issues in higher doses and improves energy in lower doses. Definitely ordering more!"
Sam J.
My husband uses it for
"My husband uses it for pain control and he is pleased with it."
Candace S.
Best price and product anywhere
"I use the white. It gives me back my energy, and curtails my neurapaathy It is a Godsend!"
Terry C.
White maeng da
"Definitely worth the price and process was simple and able to track."
Francis N.
"It has the most wonderful pain relief effects ! "
Matthew Z.
"I have never had anything as good as this website! Hounestly you can’t go wrong with this vendor! Great prices, so many options! And coupons you get for your purchases! This vendor really knows what there doing and is killing it! I would definitely recommend there Bali! Great burn for the pain/stress one can deal with occasionaly or even to sleep or work! "
Matthew Z.
"Quality capsules, worked well for pain management."
Chris B.
One of the best for sleep
"I was pleasantly surprised how well this worked for me, to reduce nighttime anxiety and help me sleep through the night. I have tried a lot of strains, which didn't work well. Only one, through another vendor, was really good. But it has been out of stock for some time. I think that vendors sometimes name their strains differently, so I am even wondering if this might be the same one that worked well through another vendor, but under a different name. In any case, I am most grateful to have found this. Thank you. "
Linda C.
Ketapang with a bang! Cliche Yep!
"At first I didn't think it would be that great because the color was dull and there wasn't a fresh smell or taste, however, this product did what I expected and delivered. Great. AWESOME euphoria, with no Wobbles or anxiety, with my usual 1.5 tsp - 3 tsps. "
Chuck T.
Good stuff
"Very good I liked it a lot"
Victoria B.
Great Product
"Thank You! Your site offer great products and when I contacted customer service with delivery questions they were extremely helpful!"
Teresa F.
"good quantity and quality for price!"
joe d.
Krabot is the best.
"My favorite kratom is green maeng da. I use it for severe pain instead of the harsh opioids I’d have to take. Now I only buy from Krabot. You can trust them. Best quality and customer service. "
Kristie C.
Ganon blend and white
"Excellent products as always, Ganon blend is a first for me, but it is similar to white maeng da, I take three in the morning and I am set for the whole day. I'm a construction worker in Michigan, and I'm outside in the winter, this Ganon blend staves off the cold, and keeps me energetic"
Jacob h.
So far the best
"Definitely my favorite. LOL... now that I know this particular strain works so well, I'm afraid to try anything else. In fear of "wasting" my money. "
Brian M.
000 capsules
"Love the fact that krabot’s capsules size are 000! First ordered the capsule sample pack and their product was great so decided to order a larger bottle. So far all strains I have sampled have great potency."
Jennifer A.
Calm cool and collected
"Calms me down and good for my adhd"
Nick G.
Smooth energy
"Its like energy for the laid back consumer "
Nick G.
"This stuff uplifts me and keeps calm cool and collected"
Nick G.
My new favorite red
"I go between the red Sumatra and red horn now. Love them both equally. Very good prices. Wonderful customer service. "
Joan C.
Awesome service!
"My 1st time trying this strain.. great quality but as you know not everyone has the same results as others so my desired reaction to this strain wasn’t what I was looking for. As far as the service I always receive was outstanding! The effect I was looking for was pain relief with energy.. I had a nice calming relaxing reaction to the Sundanese which isn’t unpleasant just not what I wanted.. I’m still learning. No matter what you are looking for Krabot is the place to look!"
Kelly S.
Works great
"I live this company awesome product. Wish the prices were lower but what can you do? "
Zachary B.
Great product
"Excellent Kratom "
Shannon S.
Excellent again
"Beneficial and helpful with pain and mood and focus."
Annie G.
Quality Kratom, Quality Vendor
"My first purchase with Krabot was the small sample pack. This seemed to be a good variety to see what I liked at an excellent price. Thus far I have tried all but the Red Horn. I would say my favorites are the Green Bali and White Maeng Da, but truly they're all nice. I have already placed another order for the Green Bali and a few other strains to try and am confident that I will not be disappointed. "
Joni H.
Red Bali
"I’ve used and tried several vendors from all over the states for red vein Bali. With kratom always being hit and miss in potency and quality. I have found that Krabot is great quality that you can trust every time. You can’t beat the price and quality. The shipping is lighting fast. Especially since krabot is west coast and I am as Far East cost as it gets, I receive my packages in 3days or less. Pretty impressive.. Thanks again krabot! "
Great Service, Great product!
"Probably THE BEST Kratom merchant online. Keep it up!!"
Richard F.
I loved it!!!
"Due to my lack of knowledge about kratom I am SURE that it could have been better. I was so impressed with the amount for the price but I need to do more research so that I can make better use of the product as it pertains to ALL of my issues. LOL. I must say that it gave me energy which felt natural unlike coffee.....not to mention the wonderful sence of well being!!!! PRICELESS!! Not to sound korny but I wish for everyone to experience that."
Iris S.
I sleep so guuud
"My husband and I love this for sleep! Red Hulu makes me sleep deep, have vivid dreams and I wake up refreshed like I got a full night's rest. They also hit really fast when you're ready for bed! Jongkong works great for my husband. He says it helps him stay asleep through the night. He sleeps hard and it hits him within 30 mins of taking it. Love it. So glad we found this before it disappeared like so many kratom companies."
Caitlin B.
Awesome value
"This item is very reasonably priced and the quality is very good."
Brian W.