Customer Reviews


"Never disappointed when ordering from Karbot."
Danny F.
Always the best kratom!
"Consistently the best kratom that I’ve been able to find online, and for the most reasonable prices. Thanks Krabot!"
Michael S.
Great product for a great price
"I have tried many Kratom suppliers and none of them offer great product for a good price. It’s always one or the other. It’s why I keep ordering "
Sam J.
Pleasantly Surprised
"This was my first time trying something that wasn't maeng da and WOW this powder was delightful, exactly what I needed. I've already placed another order. "
Bali Gold
"Smooth and relaxing as usual. Mild pain relief, good all arounder."
David .
Favorite red strain.
"I've been looking for a vendor that carries this strain for a while now. And was super happy when I finally found it. The stuff I got from krabot exceeded my expectation. So happy to have found these guys. You've acquired another happy loyal customer."
Love, love, LOVE
"Absolutely LOVE this stain. I was using a different vendor for a while and the product didn't seem to be working as well as it was when I first started ordering. I was continplating going back to taking medication for my arthritis. Decided to give it one more try with a new vendor and I am so glad I did. First time I've tried green jongkong, and it's my new favorite green. I mixed it with red riau and golden. Every day is a great day again. Thank you krabot! "
Good product
"Good quality e check took way too long to Process"
Corey D.
Quality kratum at a resonable price.
"In the recent months i have bought dozens of kilos of kratum from several different venders. Some were cheaper in price, but the quality, and potancy were lacking. The price/quality ratio with krabot in my opinion is unsurpassed so far in my opinion. My friends all agree. The Green ketapang is definately one of the more potent greens. It seems simular to the Mang Da. I took more then I intended to the first try due to a tolarence. I was slightly nausiouse. I did not expect it to be as strong as it is. After getting the dosage rite I found it to be quite enjoyable. Decent energy, and mood elavation. The pain relief is mild to moderate. I had been shot in the arm a few months back, and deal with nerve pain daily. The Green Ketapang worked for that resonably well. If you like greens i recomend trying this one. It is not the most popular, but if you are a kratum enthusiast i recommend trying this one. You may be surprised. "
Patrick W.
Favorite strain when my anxiety is threw the roof!
"5th time I've ordered RB from Krabot and every time is on point. Never disappoints!"
Nicole K.
Mahalo Nui Loa Krabot!
"The best Meng Da I have ever had. "
Matthew U.
KRABOT never fails
"I just bought a Kilo of this glorious Kratom. Its Super red and smells beautiful. The quality of Krabots Kratom is unmatched at this price point. Go for it, buy a lot ;)"
Greg H.
Best I’ve tries
"Fantastic. I will be buying again really soon. Thanks guys for the great product."
John R.
"I absolutely adore this company and their products! I don't know what to tell you other than if you're not using these products or this company you better switch now! I dealt with other companies for two or three years and this is by far the best!"
ReDonna J.
"Always a good experience with krabot thank you!"
Robin r.
Amazing !!
"Fast and speedy delivery, and the product is always amazing! "
Robert L.
Consistent quality
"So far everything I’ve ordered from Krabot has been consistently good quality products & hasn’t left me disappointed!"
Derrick F.
Great sample packs
"Best experience I have had"
Jason S.
Helped get sound sleep
"Pleased with results."
Chris B.
Green Bali
"My husband uses it for pain relief and is very satisfied."
Candace S.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again!
"This is the 4-5th time I’ve purchased from this company and I have been 100% pleased every time. The product is very good quality and the shipping is lightning fast! "
Kristin N.
"Red Bali really helps with the pain and the insomnia, but red horn it was to mild for me."
Rosalba P.
Great as usual
"I am a repeat customer and this purchase was for my brother for Christmas. I bought him the capsules because he can not stand the taste of kratom and he is very happy. The green Maeng Da provides a full, balanced burn. Thanksl "
Jonathan l.
Bali Gold is one of my favorite go to
"It is a well balanced plant. Bali is great, but when it's aged and processed getting that good color, it must do something to it because it seems to last a long time and and even energy and mood. 5 stars for sure."
Jim S.
Bali Goodness
"If you haven't tried Bali already I urge you to try it it's one of the better blends out there. "
Brandy A.
Morning Blend is Awesome!
"I love your morning blend, the combination of the white variations are perfect! "
Brandy A.
Great Kratom
"Yellow Vietnam is awesome"
Syd S.
"Quick delivery on great quality Kratom!"
Kelly S.
Sample pack powder
"Love the variety. "
Annie G.
Best Kratom
"I ordered a batch of Red Kali which was quite pleasant with its effects. The nice folks at Krabot also included a sample of Red Bali & Red Sumatra - the latter of which gave me the most epic & blissful kratom experience I've ever had! I'll definitely be ordering more again soon. Awesome vendor offering an impressive high-quality product."
Robert K.

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